First Aid Response Refresher

2 day(s)




This course covers similar material as the First Aid Response course but it is completed within two days - it serves as a refresher for the First Aid Response course (also the Occupational First Aid course).

You are only eligible for this course if you have already completed the Frist Aid Response/Occupational First Aid course.

Please note you must refresh your First Aid Response course before your certificate expires.

Please note at present our First Aid Response Refresher courses are running as scheduled via online methods for Day 1. Day 2 will be scheduled for when we can teach in a classroom again. You will be give a provisional date for this but we will be following Public Health Government restrictions and will contact you once we can confirm the date.


Duration: 2 full days

Time: 9.30-16.30

Cost: €170

Certificate: IRC/PHECC Cert valid for 2 years

Modules Covered: Patient Assessment, Incident procedure, Cardiac First Response Community, Common medical emergencies, Injury management and shock, Care of the unconscious patient, Burns and electrical injury care, hypothermia & hyperthermia, information management, communications and the wellbeing of the first aider.

If you are currently an Occupational First Aider, you can refresh using this course.